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Our company


The full use of our many years of experience forms the basis for our successful work. We constantly monitor the ever changing markets so we can react flexibly to the challenges posed.


Highly modern production facilities combined with continuous production control and an internal quality management system based on DIN ISO 9001 ff. put us in a position to manufacture your products reliably and on schedule, and all at a fair price. We make use of computer-assisted welding, bending and metalworking machines to handle the manufacture of individual items or large and small production runs.


Having our own tool- and jig-making facilities is a matter of course for us because this accelerates the manufacturing process, minimises changeover and setup times, and guarantees the high level of quality expected of something "Made in Germany".


We can guarantee secure deliveries through our many years of experience of exporting and our proven distribution partners, at any time and to any place.



We can provide the required or desired documentation either in digital or in

paper form.

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Plant I in Wickede (Ruhr)